curso-aleman-barcelona SPANISH FOR FOREIGNERS

REDUCED GROUPS (7-12 students)




Sants & Sant Cugat

Are you looking for Spanish courses in Barcelona? Students taking the intensive Spanish for foreigners course will gain a good grounding in the language in order to be able to communicate accurately and fluently. Learning the language in a vibrant and fascinating city like Barcelona, students will have direct experience of Spanish culture and traditions, enhancing their classroom studies and offering them opportunities to practice the language in authentic situations. Classes will take place at Sants (Barcelona) and Sant Cugat.

  • The objective of the Spanish for Foreigners course is for students to be able to manage day to day situations in Spanish accurately and fluently.

  • We provide students with the necessary tools to be able to communicate successfully in the language studied.


The teaching method is based on applying the concepts that students have just learned to everyday situations through pair and group work in class works. The activities are organised in such a way that there is a balance between theoretical concepts, oral practice and exercises which focus on accurate communicative ability.


Each student is required to do a level test which consists of an oral interview and a written test in order to determine their entry level. Moreover, the coordinator of the Spanish department will carry out a questionnaire in class at the beginning of the course in order to determine students’ satisfaction. The information obtained will be compared with the results of a final questionnaire done at the end of the course.

Student’s performance is assessed according to participation in class and progress checks which are set at the end of each 50 hour block. At the end of each course, students are given a report which details their progress in the five areas (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary) and a certificate to show that they have passed the course.

  • Sant Cugat: 20/05/19 – 29/07/19. Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00
If our extensive or intensive course calendars don’t fit in with your schedule, remember that you can study Spanish on our new online courses. Anytime, anywhere!

  • Sants Centre: 355€ per term
  • Sant Cugat Centre: 355€ per term
  • Registration fee: 50 € (This fee is free for university students)

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