Quan fem una classe d’anglès virtual s’introdueix un nou argot o una sèrie d’expressions per entendre que tot funciona, per saber si algú s’uneix a classe o per a comprovar si algú té problemes tècnics.Si estàs realitzant actualment un curs d’anglès a través d’una aula virtual o el realitzaràs aquest estiu, et recomanem que paris atenció a aquestes expressions en anglès. Et seran molt útils!

Per parlar de les característiques de la classe virtual

  • Can you mute your audio please?
  • Can you turn on your video?
  • I’m going to share my screen so that we can all see that.
  • Can you write your answers in the chat box now?
  • Would you mind if I record this activity?
  • Just follow the instruction on the screen to break out for the next activity.

Per dir quan la gent marxa o s’incorpora

  • I can see that Joan is about to join us now.
  • I think Sara has just left the meeting.
  • I’m afraid I have to leave the session early today.
  • Sue has just joined so let me fill her in.
  • Are you still there?

Per fer que tots tinguin l’oportunitat de parlar

  • OK, let’s start with a roll call.
  • Let’s speak one at a time. Henri, you start first.
  • Let’s go round and comment one by one.
  • Sorry for interrupting but…
  • Shall we let John comment on that now?
  • Can I just jump in for a second here?
  • Sorry, Alex. I’d like to come in here if I may?

Per preguntar per timings

  • How long do we have for this activity?
    When do we have to return to the main classroom?
    Can you all answer the poll about the time of the break, please?

Per demanar a la gent que parli d’una determinada manera

  • Could you speak more slowly/loudly, please.
  • I’m going to put myself on silent/mute while I’m looking for that.
  • Can you repeat that, please?

Per enviar documents durant la sessió

  • I’ll send you that after the class.
  • I’ll post the link in the chat right now.
  • I’ll paste that into the General conversation.

Per dir que tens problemes d’àudio o un altre problema tècnic

  • I can’t hear you very well. There’s an echo. Are you connected with two devices?
  • Can you move your webcam slightly so we can see you better?
  • The sound quality is much better now.
  • There’s a bit of a delay.
  • Can you turn up the volume?
  • You’ve frozen. I can hear you but it’s a bit jerky.
  • The screen’s gone blank.

I per acabar i per donar-li una mica d’humor, no et perdis aquest video de com és una conferència a la vida real.