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Phrasal verbs y vida sana

//Phrasal verbs y vida sana
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Phrasal verbs y vida sana

¿“Don’t give up” es la expresión en inglés que te define? Si es así, seguramente eres una persona positiva y que no se da por vencida. Por eso, llevar una vida sana es el plus de energía para no rendirte jamás.

Llega el buen tiempo y con ello la tan deseada y a la vez odiada operación bikini: es el momento de ponerse en forma. Aunque mantener una vida sana debería ser algo presente en nuestras vidas siempre.

A continuación, hemos elegido expresiones en inglés para que redactes tus “healthy tips” y lo más importante de todo… ¡los cumplas!

10 phrasal verbs y expresiones relacionados con healthy living

  • Burn off

Meaning: to use up energy by doing physical activity.

Example: It takes a 90-minute game of football to burn off the calories in a typical pizza.

  • Cut down on

Meaning: to reduce an amount of something.

Example: Try cutting down on salt; too much can raise your blood pressure.

  • Go on a diet  

Meaning: trying to lose weight by eating less or specific foods.

Example: Going on a diet implies changes in everyday habits, not only eating but also spending more time to do physical exercise.

  • Give up 

Meaning: to stop doing something that you do regularly.

Example: Give up foods that are high in sugar, fat or sodium and replace them with healthy options.

  • Limber up

Meaning: exercise your muscles before doing physical activity.

Example: To prepare for taking part in a sport, make sure you limber up and really make your muscles stretch.

  • Put on weight

Meaning: to get fat.

Example: People tend to put on weight when they get older because they become less active.

  • Skip (something)

Meaning: to avoid doing or having something.

Example: Studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to smoke more, drink more alcohol and exercise less.

  • Take up

Meaning: to start something new.

Example: You should take up tai chi if you want to improve your strength and balance.

  • Tone up

Meaning: to make the muscles in a part of your body stronger.

Example: You need to engage in strength training and lose the layer of fat covering your muscles to tone up your body.

  • Work out  

Meaning: to do physical exercise as a way of keeping fit.

Example: Brisk walking for half an hour every day is one of the easiest ways to work out for your health.

Con ganas y esfuerzo es posible conseguir prácticamente todo, así que si tu objetivo es mejorar tu nivel de inglés ¡no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros!

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