Estar en un país extranjero, no nos hace libres para no tener que realizar operaciones bancarias. Saber transmitir y comprender la información relativa a tus trámites en el banco es básico estés donde estés así como dominar el vocabulario en inglés esencial.

A continuación, hemos seleccionado una serie de vocabulario en inglés específico para utilizar en el banco, por si tienes que hacer transferencias, abrir una cuenta o consultar algún trámite. Estas palabras y expresiones te irán muy bien:

  • Earn interest

Meaning: receive money from keeping your money in an account in a bank.

Example: I got a loan with an interest rate of 10%.

  • Make a deposit

Meaning: to pay an amount of money into a bank account.

Example: I would like to make a deposit this check and $100 cash.

  • Make out (a cheque to somebody)

Meaning: to write all the necessary information on a document such as a cheque.

Example: When you make out the cheque, remember to sign the back, please.

  • Open/set up an account

Meaning: to start having an account at a bank.

Example: I’m not sure if I want to open a savings account or a current account.

  • Overdraw

Meaning: draw money from (one’s bank account) in excess of what the account holds.

Example: You only pay interest if your account is overdrawn. 

  • Pay in instalments / on credit

Meaning: pay for goods or services at a later time, usually paying interest as well as the original money.

Example: They decided to buy the car on credit.

  • Pay/put down a deposit

Meaning: To make a first payment when you agree to buy something expensive like a car or a house.

Example: We put down a deposit for the house yesterday.

  • Reimburse / refund

Meaning: to pay someone back for money which they have spent.
Example: You will be reimbursed for all your expenses.

  • Take out / withdraw

Meaning: to remove money from an account.

Example: I’d like to withdraw £100 from my account, please.

Note: British English = current account / American English = checking account

  • Transfer money

Meaning: to move money from one place to another.

Example: I’ve already transferred the money into your account.

Note: Money transfer generally refers to one of the following cashless modes of payment: wire transfer (an internationally expedited bank-to-bank funds transfer), electronic funds transfer( bank card-based payments), Paypal, etc.

Resuelve todas tus dudas sobre cómo comunicarte en el banco junto a nuestra noticia de la semana pasada, dónde encontrarás la primera parte del vocabulario en inglés más útil para que ir al banco en otro país.

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